Dark Clouds

The students who left Snookington Sixth Form College had a whole summer to wait for their results. Steve took the time to relax. There were not many jobs available in the village, so he could not earn any money. But he met up with friends and began to go out with the girl who almost got her bag stolen. They went on nights out and watched films at the cinema when she was not working in a bar job. Steve was enjoying the break and wanted to keep his distance from Gronk. But he heard some news which made him angry. Groate had been hanging around the bar where Steve’s girlfriend worked and asked her on a date. She refused, but Steve could not let this go. If it was not Gronk, then Groate would try to barge a way into his life. They were pushing buttons for a reaction. And this time they were going to get one. Steve was going to have it out with them.

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