Kroll continued to hunt for Jorrin. He had been on this quest for almost a year now, spending two months at a time in the Foijen before brief returns to Malaxia. The King’s soldiers often accompanied merchants and… Read More

No Regrets

Back at the cabin, Jorrin thought life was much better without Ned. His wife and other sons all got along together well. Jorrin was proud of the way Merek and Fauder were growing up. Ned was an irritant…. Read More


Ned decided to leave the Foijen one bright morning and adventured toward the edge of Ragged Wood, close to the village. He heard noises and dropped to one knee. Boys were shouting. The commotion came from a meadow… Read More


Jorrin prowled the woods and saved people time and again. He was an expert sword fighter, too quick for any of the lumbering outlaws. Each time he prevented a robbery, Jorrin ensured his face remained obscured under the… Read More

Dangerous Times

Merchants travelled through the Foijen carrying valuable wares and many of the villagers were rich. This attracted marauders to the land. They were unscrupulous men who prowled around looking to kill and steal. There were often gangs of… Read More

Bandits And Beasts

Ned had a small, white dog called Skar, whose coat was as soft as cotton. She liked to growl and play, but learned not to bark. It was important to know when to be quiet in the Foijen… Read More