Michelle and I boarded a Monday morning coach from London to get our degree results. It was all quite relaxed until we neared Headington and I clammed up. This was an important day. If I didn’t get an… Read More

Hard Times

In the final year, Michelle and I moved a few streets along to East Avenue, which was a bit closer to college. It was a run-down, mid-terraced student house, but nothing a good clean wouldn’t sort out. Danny… Read More

Ridgefield Road, Oxford

Just before the next academic year began, I moved into a house on Ridgefield Road with Michelle, Danny and Ade. It was in Cowley, a student area of Oxford where we knew a lot of people. The unkempt… Read More


In my second year, Michelle was working in London, so I got all my studying done during the week to clear up weekends for her visits. I still lived at Heyford Hill and was due to graduate with… Read More

Go With The Flow

In the early hours of the morning, we arrived at the port in Corfu, met by a gaggle of taxi drivers and others offering places to stay for the night. Over the noise came a booming voice from… Read More


During the summer term, my subjects were a combination of business and law. I was going out with Michelle and those long, warm days at college were spent between lectures, studying and enjoying life. I was happy and… Read More

That Girl

Soon it was time to get back to Oxford Poly for the first day of term and results. I passed both exams, one fairly average B but the other a more promising B+. Satisfied with this, I began… Read More


As the first term drew to a close, reading week was followed by exams. I worked long and hard in my room for my first two law subjects. I drank lots of coffee and took caffeine tablets so… Read More

Getting Into It

It was the first day of Fresher’s week. I went along, but all the student societies looked a bit shite to be honest, so I didn’t sign up for anything. What I did join was the queue for… Read More


My brother, Marky, agreed to drive me to college. I travelled light and only had one box of stuff in the back of his car. During the journey, we chatted and caught up with what I’d been up… Read More