Gronk became obsessed with Steve Nobody’s backpack. It was green and khaki, and looked military. But he never left it unattended, not even near the lockers. No matter how close Gronk got, the backpack was always either by Steve Nobody’s feet or on his back. He never even left the zips open to enable a furtive glance inside. It was beginning to annoy the hell out of Gronk. He began to stake out Steve’s movements. It was relatively easy as Gronk was often posing in the College corridors. He missed lessons as standard practice, but now he used his time to recce Steve Nobody’s movements. Gronk dreamed of a high-flying career as a spy. And his secretive observations in the corridors of Snookington Sixth Form College proved to him that career choice was a serious option. In any event, Gronk knew missing lessons enhanced his image and enabled him to hang out with the Posheys.

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