As time went on, many attacks were thwarted by Jorrin and the cut-throats were angry their easy money had almost dried up. Some attacks were successful, but only when that man never showed up to halt the proceedings…. Read More

Dangerous Times

Merchants travelled through the Foijen carrying valuable wares and many of the villagers were rich. This attracted marauders to the land. They were unscrupulous men who prowled around looking to kill and steal. There were often gangs of… Read More

A New Gentleman

Grotter met the posh people and explained he came from less sunny climes, but the Snook had a reputation far and wide for being THE place to live. This seemed to please everyone and they talked and smiled…. Read More


Of the many peasants in the Snook, one man was fervid about living there. His name was Grotter and he saw the village as an up-and-coming place with lots of nice shops opening up. Beyond the High Street,… Read More


The local manor accumulated wealth at a rapid rate. Peasants worked the land for farmers or laboured underground in chalk mines. Landowners made money and merchants sold wares. Snookington became a wealthy village, attracting market traders from around… Read More