Snookington School was a collection of impressive red-brick buildings with large white sash windows surrounding a tarmac square. Back in the day, Lord Snookington founded Snookington School and joined it with lasting bonds to the prestigious University of Snookford. An air of mystique cloaked this higher education establishment in which academic rigour was an outdated concept and disadvantaged applicants were rare.

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Loud guffawing attracted the attention of a lady in the corner. It was Miss Whippet, the headteacher of Snookington School. She broke off from reading a book and looked over the frame of her glasses. Straight-faced, she mentally congratulated herself on a job well done. As former members of Snookington School, these Posheys were practising the art of Snobbier-Than-Thou perfectly. She was alone and continued a discrete watch. Miss Whippet was always watching.

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