Hard Times

The procedure each time I went for a radiotherapy session involved collecting my file before going to the waiting area. I sat down with the others and a silent resignation to our fate. Flicking through my notes, I… Read More

The Last One

I arrive for the last radiotherapy session, number thirty. Only ten minutes earlier, I was leaning against a wall and throwing up. With watery eyes, I wiped my face and made my way into hospital. After a fifteen… Read More


I go into the final sessions of radiotherapy and am so unwell. Through the waves of tiredness, I stop at my favourite doorway to retch and vomit before making it into hospital and telling the radiotherapy operators I’m… Read More

This Is My Low

I get up feeling drained and go to the bathroom for my usual morning routine, which involves flushing my PEG (the tube inserted into my stomach in case I need to be fed that way) through with water… Read More

A Burning Inside

It’s a New Year’s Day and I write “The year of being healthy” in my diary. During the day, I stay in bed and watch The Great Escape. I’ve always enjoyed that film, but the title has a… Read More

Grit My Teeth

It gets a lot more difficult from here on in. The sickness and vomiting is rampant, and my memory is hazy. The next three radiotherapy sessions take me to Christmas Eve. As a detraction from the radiation firing… Read More

Brain On Fire

I’m having weekly blood tests and fortnightly clinics with Dr Gavaghan. These tests never show any anomalies and he is positive about my progress. I reach the halfway point of the treatment.

Tired And Sick

In the first week I have five radiotherapy sessions and it’s all going well until I catch a cold. For a few days I can’t breathe through my nose, so I have a real problem breathing at all… Read More

The First One

My wife, Michelle, comes with me to the hospital for moral support, but she won’t be able to accompany me very often as I’ve arranged the series of radiotherapy appointments to coincide with when she drops the kids… Read More

The Royal Marsden Hospital

I have an appointment with Dr Gavaghan at The Royal Marsden and Michelle comes with me. This is a really important meeting. I heard he got his IMRT experience in the USA and then returned to England to… Read More