Emergency Cord

By the time my bed is wheeled back to the room, I have been away for over three hours and Michelle is looking worried. It was supposed to be a minor operation, but the pain is far worse… Read More

Getting Used To Out Of The Ordinary

The time has come for another operation to my head. This is operation number five. The others have taken a lot out of me. For the first one, I was standing tall. Now I am on my knees…. Read More

Bye Bye Tumour

Later that day, I think about the shock of being told I have cancer and the best possible result of my scans. For a bad situation, it doesn’t get any better than this. I’m lucky. Then I think… Read More

Morphine Is Good

I arrive for the consultation a week later and Mr Hogan performs an endoscopy. A quick spray of anaesthetic and the fibre optic tube is inserted into a nostril. After a few moments, I’m asked to sniff and… Read More

Something Feels Wrong

A few days later, I have another consultation with the surgeon, Mr Hogan, who explains his take on what’s going on.

How To Catch A Superbug

I wake up around an hour later in the recovery room and my head feels like it’s exploding. With pain relief administered, I’m wheeled back to my room where my wife, Michelle is waiting. I’m kept in hospital… Read More

Going Under

It’s become more difficult to breathe through my nose and I’m referred to a surgeon. I attend a clinic with my wife, Michelle, and young kids, Lucy and Jack. We’re called into the small consulting room to meet… Read More