Gronk spent his time hanging around with Groate. They were still only on the fringe of Fathead’s band of Posheys, despite it being clear Gronk had gone to a lot of effort on the image front. His style included black boots, black corduroy trousers and the desirable oobaTWAT™ black trench coat. And it was all rounded off with a pink shirt. To enhance his standing, he turned up the collar of his shirt, just like the Posheys did. Gronk was impressed with his look.

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The days of Snookington School were finished for these boys. During the summer break, Gronk was in a quandary. Fathead and his band of Posheys had kept their distance, which annoyed him. But Groate had become a close acquaintance, although he too was not actually accepted as a Poshey. Gronk’s dilemma centred on his image. Until now, his days were spent cloaked in his cherished Snookington School uniform. The blue blazer adorned with a red badge of Bosworth spoke volumes about his existence. He had been in the best school and proud of his house. It meant he was on the cusp of becoming a Poshey, despite his modest background. Without that beloved blazer, he would be lost. A new stand-out style was needed and he had an idea what it should be.

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