The Office

A few days later, Gronk received the tremendous news he had landed the job. One application, one interview and one job offer. He was back on track and moving toward an inevitable magnificent future. The salary was lower than he expected, but he thought even great men had to begin somewhere. On his first day, he turned up to the office and met the others. They all seemed a bit dull to Gronk, although he knew Groate well and waved at his old friend. But the office day-to-day was a shock. The routine was always the same. He spent most of his time on the computer completing spreadsheets, which he found ridiculous as he assumed he would actually be using a pencil. He was a Trainee Pencil Pusher after all. Sometimes he was allowed out to inspect the local land his firm had purchased. He liked these trips with a clipboard and actual pencil, but always ended up back in the office writing reports and completing charts. It was a mundane existence where the days seemed to merge together. The tedious office was a disappointment from his heady days at Sixth Form College. But this was adult life now so he would just have to get on with it.

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