Anarchy In The Playground

The school became more unruly and some of the older boys argued with the teachers. Toward the end of summer term, all children were herded into the main hall and locked up. It was lunchtime and we didn’t… Read More

How To Stop A Bully

I was skinny and quite reserved, only really chatting to the English and a few Spanish friends. One morning, before the summer heat rose, everyone waited to be called into class and I sat on a wall by… Read More

Franco Is Dead

One morning, I was listening to the local radio when the news declared General Franco had died. I didn’t understand the magnitude of the end of a dictatorship, the hopes for democracy and a new King. No, all… Read More


We had a brief stay in a hotel and soon moved to a third floor apartment in the centre of Huelva. It had a balcony overlooking the crowded, bustling street below and a newspaper kiosk on the corner…. Read More