Kroll spread a map over the large rock.

Weighing Up

Kroll sat on a rock in a small clearing. Sunlight pierced the canopy above as he waited for an outlaw leader. His men were spread out, hiding in the undergrowth. Movement came from Kroll’s left. No noise, but… Read More

Cannot Be Broken

In the morning, breakfast was brought over to Ned. His eyes were puffy and the side of his face swollen. Dried blood marked a cut above an eye. The boy ate his food quietly and squeezed the bridge… Read More


As dawn approached, they packed their gear up and formed into a line. Kroll ordered his soldiers to move out in a rough voice. They ran across the plain, trampling over the dwindling heather as woodland rose ahead…. Read More


A steely expression swept over Ned’s face. The heather was thinning out to scrubland and Kroll brought his column of soldiers to a run. Within hours, they were on the edge of hills and interconnecting valleys. Rather than… Read More


After a food stop, the troop formed into a line and began to run. Ned was toward the back and, with the weight lifted from around his neck, he did well. The boy kept up with the men… Read More


In the morning, Big Nose attached the chain to his wrist and sneered. “Let’s see if you can keep up with me, scum.”

Death March

Ned looked at the soldiers around the fire. It was an unfamiliar part of the forest. The trees were a mixture of oak, fir and silver birch. Ned was chained to a silver birch. There was no chance… Read More


Soldiers tied Ned’s hands together and he was forced to the ground. What felt like a long time passed while the soldiers whispered irritably amongst themselves. Ned was brought to his feet in the late summer sun with… Read More


Ned looked at the soldier barking orders. He was tall and broad shouldered, with a craggy face and creased forehead. His uniform was dark and chain-mail just visible. A large sword hung from a belt to one side… Read More