This Is Not Business As Usual

The market was booming and I interviewed with three law firms. Even after I accepted an offer, a ‘magic circle’ law firm in the City offered an interview. I declined, but a partner insisted I meet him for… Read More

A Different Direction

One trading desk took me to New York. I’d never flown business class before and it was a pleasure, except for having to do some work on the flight as it seemed to be expected by the trader…. Read More

BigShot Bank

I spent the summer in blissful unemployment and milled around taking time out. Michelle and I had moved house and I met some people where we lived. The place used to be a traditional English village until the… Read More

Time To Go

My time at UnderDog Bank remained enjoyable and I worked on some transactions that took less than a day and others which lasted over a year. On one of the more drawn out deals, I was in a… Read More

Top Snobbers

My attendance at college improved a bit over the academic year. The oak panelled corridors with Georgian-windowed doors even became familiar. I read the set texts and passed the first year with a merit. My research was on… Read More

Pillars Of Law

Seeing as lawyers in the department regularly went to the pub, I decided to apply for a part-time Master of Laws degree. I had considered doing this after Bar School, but then I landed a pupillage unexpectedly, which… Read More

Throw Away Situation

The first year working at UnderDogs was a shock to the system as the work was so dull. I was used to being tested daily during pupillage and I found the boredom there hard to take. But I… Read More

Going Underground

At first, travelling on the underground in London was a novelty, crammed in with all the other commuters. But it soon wore thin as I watched the people who inhabit this environment. The elbower fidgets, turns the pages… Read More

Pick Myself Up

There was something surreal about my situation. I had spent a long time bedridden and turned my thoughts to other times. After my stint training to become a barrister, I applied for an in-house legal role at Underdog… Read More