A Word

Steve and Michelle had had enough and made an appointment to see Miss Whippet at the school. They waited on a bench outside the opulent office. Once beckoned inside, they talked about the name-calling, Griselina’s cheating and Gideon’s bullying. Miss Whippet looked unsurprised as she peered over her glasses. At first, she attempted to deflect the antics as harmless, but Steve went into lawyer mode and asked about the school’s anti-bullying policy. He discussed the duty of care the school owed their children and offered to discuss the breach of policy with the board of governors and local authority. He mentioned going to the police and Miss Whippet looked at him with saucer eyes. It was a brief meeting, but she did not need the authorities poking into her school. Especially as she was considering purchasing a second safe for her home as the one in her office was full. She promised to look into what was going on.

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