Job Hunt

Without the grades for University, Gronk needed a job. He thought about possible careers and researched on the internet. Politician sounded a good one and there were many Posheys of an oily character in government. The civil service also looked interesting as there were lots of stuck-up types in there and everyone knew it was a job for life, no matter how incompetent they were. Or he could be a taxman. The idea of stealing other people’s money also appealed to him. Another was lawyer. He could see himself holding court while everyone listened to his incredible eloquence. But a career as an art director would enable him to delve into his creative side. As would fashion. He already wore an oobaTWAT™ coat and was sure he could easily create his own world famous fashion label, no problem at all. He also liked the idea of being a dictator, but those jobs did not seem to be available any more so maybe he should join the military as a high-ranking officer.

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