Pip, Pip

I met a junior barrister outside the main entrance of Two Oak Court. He was in his early thirties, tall, upper class and friendly. He wore a wig and gown and we hurriedly made our way to the… Read More

Testing Times

A week later, I turned up at Two Oak Court. After introductions to some barristers in chambers, I spent a few hours with Jeremy Higgins going through the facts and pleadings of a case he was working on…. Read More

Things Could Be Going Better

My interview performances still left a bit to be desired. I went to an interview at a prestigious set of chambers. It was a strange interior, with dark oak panelled passageways sloping upwards without the apparent need for… Read More


Hungover the next morning, it was decision time. I’d met the offers for Newcastle University and North Staffordshire Polytechnic, but didn’t know what to do. I had avoided thinking about it all summer long and just enjoyed myself…. Read More