It’s Over

My next and final pupilmaster was a total contrast. He was far too impressed with himself. His vastly superior level of detachment led me only to review old instructions so it was like working in a vacuum. He… Read More

Wig And Gown

It was time to begin my practising 2nd six months pupillage, during which I was entitled to receive instructions from clients. However, chancery work was so heavy duty it would never happen. I arrived one bright, spring morning… Read More

I Refuse To Be Beaten

It was soon time to sit with a third pupilmaster and I was actually allowed in his room. My 1st six months pupillage was nearing its end and all the pupils’ marks would soon be collated. I was… Read More

Lying Twatte

Jeremy called out and strode across the square toward me.

Weak Argument

My new pupilmaster’s first case was about a statute that stated certain contracts must expressly be agreed in writing. We had a hearing in the Court of Appeal where my pupilmaster was going to argue this statute could… Read More

Room Without A View

During a break in the court calendar, chambers arranged some paid employment in a law firm. All four pupils worked in a basement and it was taken as an unspoken competition to bill the most hours. We worked… Read More


One morning, I walked from the clerks’ room across Oak Court toward Jeremy’s room and saw Bertie Dewitt speaking to Giles Twatte, who had his back to me. As I got closer, they continued talking.

All England

I was tested every day – sometimes it involved a reasoned application of law to facts – and other times it was off-the-cuff. While working on some papers, Jeremy asked me about a legal principle. From memory, I… Read More

Into Court

I spent a lot of my time in the High Court in London and, most days, Jeremy purposely strode off from Two Oak Court wearing a moth-eaten old horsehair wig on his head with a black gown flowing… Read More

Facing The Enemy

I walked across Oak Court to Jeremy’s room one morning and saw Giles Twatte. It was obvious he disliked me and the feeling was mutual. He was openly dismissive and seemed too impressed with himself. And one of… Read More