The Gronk-LaTwonks

In his spare time, Gronk loved to fantasise. He dreamed of being a master swordsman whose swashbuckling style overcame all adversaries. Or a combat soldier with weapons strapped to his uniform who, by sheer guts, could win a war against any odds. Or even a real-life superhero with cape, mask and underpants outside his trousers. His phenomenal strength and X-ray vision would save the Snook on a daily basis. Despite being a Junior Pencil Pusher, tomorrow he could be a spy with a really cool car.

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One fateful midsummer morning, Gronk stood at Snookington railway station. He looked along the tracks toward SmogCity and saw a famous spire in the distance. The platform was almost empty. He glanced around and saw a solitary figure in the distance. Squinting for a moment, he spotted Steve Nobody. He had not seen his enemy in a long time. Pent up hatred rushed to the surface. He enjoyed baiting that Nobody.

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