Bolstered by money and contacts from Lord Snookington, Ned left the Snook and trained in the city courtrooms. Although clearly of a lower class, he was received well on account of stories emanating from the Battle of Snookford. Ned learned about laws, court procedures and etiquette. It was a slow process, during which he returned to the Snook at regular intervals to inform Lord Snookington of his progress. In time, Ned became a lawyer and, with a natural sense of fair play, settled back into the Snook and applied local custom with conscience.

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As Lord Snookington rested up, he walked through the Snook and watched the poor workers with heads down and rich folk parading around the High Street. He thought about the lack of opportunity for peasants, even though some had shown themselves to be capable of great things. He did not think the award given to Ned Nobody fully repaid the debt he owed. After all, without the actions of one peasant, he would not be here and the battle may have been lost. Harry wanted to change things. As Ned returned to work on a farm, Harry summoned him to the manor house once more. Ned stood in an enormous room overlooking the walled garden, wondering why he was there. Lord Snookington paced around and then stood in front of Ned.

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