As the sun rose, Kroll brought his detachment to a halt. The men stood and watched their leader. Some took dried meat out of bags and ate. Others drank water. Kroll knelt down and ran his gloved fingers… Read More

Ready For Anything

His new forest wolf skin enabled him to blend into the undergrowth. And it gave Ned a newfound confidence he could make it back to the Foijen. The boy may be on the run from a band of… Read More

First Light

The day was not yet dawning as Ned packed his gear away and waited for the sun. When it came, he checked nothing was left behind and brushed leaves over the charred remains of his fire. With all… Read More


Ned walked for the rest of the day, deep into the forest. The oak trees provided good cover. By early evening, the light faded. And the branches above were too dense to allow him to see enough to… Read More


Somehow he had to outrun the warriors. Ned moved at speed and continued along the track. The boy stopped after a couple of hours for a rest, a biscuit and a sip of water from the flask. He… Read More


As the sun rose over the tree tops, Ned awoke to birdsong. He peered out of a gap he made in the leaves. Hearing rustling, he remained still. The crumpling on the forest floor was light, but just… Read More


Moonlight at the tree line behind was beginning to fade and the blackness of the forest made movement difficult. When lapping water could no longer be heard from the swamp edge, Ned stood and made tentative steps toward… Read More

Cannot Be Broken

In the morning, breakfast was brought over to Ned. His eyes were puffy and the side of his face swollen. Dried blood marked a cut above an eye. The boy ate his food quietly and squeezed the bridge… Read More


As dawn approached, they packed their gear up and formed into a line. Kroll ordered his soldiers to move out in a rough voice. They ran across the plain, trampling over the dwindling heather as woodland rose ahead…. Read More

Death March

Ned looked at the soldiers around the fire. It was an unfamiliar part of the forest. The trees were a mixture of oak, fir and silver birch. Ned was chained to a silver birch. There was no chance… Read More