The mental aspects of going through cancer are enormous. I have literally been given a new lease of life. I feel different as the weight of illness lifts. I enjoy the small things more, like the feeling of… Read More


Michelle and I leave the room. I feel spaced out. I don’t remember talking as we make our way back to the kids. I think Michelle must have asked the receptionist to mind them while we arrange the… Read More

The New Normal Is Not Normal

We turn right and go to the end of the corridor. Mr Hogan leads the way to his room. Still no one speaks as the blue carpet drifts by. He stands holding the door open and clicks it… Read More

Goodbye To Life As I Know It

Michelle and I enter the waiting room as Lucy and Jack run to the play zone in the corner. I let a receptionist know I’m there, while Michelle gets the coffees in. We sit down, chat and watch… Read More

Morphine Is Good

I arrive for the consultation a week later and Mr Hogan performs an endoscopy. A quick spray of anaesthetic and the fibre optic tube is inserted into a nostril. After a few moments, I’m asked to sniff and… Read More

Something Feels Wrong

A few days later, I have another consultation with the surgeon, Mr Hogan, who explains his take on what’s going on.