Phantom In The Forest

During the summer break after I left school, a man jumped bail at Leeds Crown Court, drove to a picnic site near Harrogate and shot a policeman in the head. The constable was found dead by the open… Read More


Onwards and over a rickety fence at the end of open fields. We ran down a slope to the stream below. It sounded loud at night and ripples shimmered under the moonlight. In the shallow valley, it was… Read More

Midnight Adventure

One summer evening, Marky, Scotty and I pitched a tent in Scotty’s back garden. He lived in Wolverstone Village. We crawled into our sleeping bags and waited for nightfall. As the sky darkened, we kitted up and slipped into… Read More


At Wolverstone School, a friend and I discovered the world of camping in each other’s back gardens. Scotty was a stocky character with a cheeky grin and brown hair scruffily covering his ears. We formed a club called the… Read More