Ned aimed his catapult at the bigger boy to Gobba’s left. Just as they were about to attack, he unleashed the stone, which hit the big kid in the ear. He hit the ground with a thump, holding… Read More


Ned decided to leave the Foijen one bright morning and adventured toward the edge of Ragged Wood, close to the village. He heard noises and dropped to one knee. Boys were shouting. The commotion came from a meadow… Read More


The beginning of the end of my time in Northern England happened after a confrontation with a gang that had bullied Rog throughout his schooldays. Name-calling and the odd schoolboy scrap intensified into something much more sinister in… Read More

Thornhill School

When it was time for secondary school, Marky and I were enrolled in the fee-paying Thornhill School. It had an authoritarian regime. The pupils were worked hard. We had three pieces of homework a night and four at… Read More

How To Stop A Bully

I was skinny and quite reserved, only really chatting to the English and a few Spanish friends. One morning, before the summer heat rose, everyone waited to be called into class and I sat on a wall by… Read More