Later that morning in school, Gideon hung around the corridor between lessons. His eyes darted at the pupils hurrying along. He leant over to his entourage, “What a bunch of losers,” he sneered. Then he saw him. Jack Nobody was talking to someone and it looked like he was smiling. Gideon narrowed his eyes and walked toward him. Smashing his shoulder into the smaller boy, Gideon leant in and hissed “Dickhead!!” As the bigger boy strolled away, Jack’s eyes widened as he rubbed his shoulder.

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The leader of this group of Posheys was a stocky boy called Gerard DeVilliers. He liked to be the centre of attention and thought Outsiders were an affront to humanity. He loved his nickname of Fathead as it seemed to encapsulate his smart brutishness. In his crew were Harvey and Hugo who were best friends and, even for Posheys, had a reputation for pomposity. They were proud to be associated with Fathead. Completing this band of top snobbers were Snoops, who liked to talk about himself, and Snipes, who considered himself a magnificent young man. And they all despised Gronk. That said, Gronk was a Bosworth boy, so they listened to him sometimes, even if it was with knowing smirks.

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