It’s Over

My next and final pupilmaster was a total contrast. He was far too impressed with himself. His vastly superior level of detachment led me only to review old instructions so it was like working in a vacuum. He… Read More

Wig And Gown

It was time to begin my practising 2nd six months pupillage, during which I was entitled to receive instructions from clients. However, chancery work was so heavy duty it would never happen. I arrived one bright, spring morning… Read More

Moving On

I entered a period toward the end of my 1st six months pupillage when the barristers in chambers opened up a lot more toward me. I was chatting to a barrister in her room one day and asked… Read More

I Refuse To Be Beaten

It was soon time to sit with a third pupilmaster and I was actually allowed in his room. My 1st six months pupillage was nearing its end and all the pupils’ marks would soon be collated. I was… Read More

Lying Twatte

Jeremy called out and strode across the square toward me.

Weak Argument

My new pupilmaster’s first case was about a statute that stated certain contracts must expressly be agreed in writing. We had a hearing in the Court of Appeal where my pupilmaster was going to argue this statute could… Read More

Room Without A View

During a break in the court calendar, chambers arranged some paid employment in a law firm. All four pupils worked in a basement and it was taken as an unspoken competition to bill the most hours. We worked… Read More


One morning, I walked from the clerks’ room across Oak Court toward Jeremy’s room and saw Bertie Dewitt speaking to Giles Twatte, who had his back to me. As I got closer, they continued talking.

All England

I was tested every day – sometimes it involved a reasoned application of law to facts – and other times it was off-the-cuff. While working on some papers, Jeremy asked me about a legal principle. From memory, I… Read More

Into Court

I spent a lot of my time in the High Court in London and, most days, Jeremy purposely strode off from Two Oak Court wearing a moth-eaten old horsehair wig on his head with a black gown flowing… Read More