Post 36

Word got out something special was for sale in the market. Rumour had it a captured boy outran Kroll’s troops back to Malaxia. It was well known Kroll and his men were soldiers without equal. The selection process was harsh. All Malaxians were trained in the military from a young age and, even then, only one in a hundred passed to serve with Kroll’s battalion. The final selection took a whole year. Recruits had to endure physical and mental hardships in order to make the cut. Many died on the programme, but it all added to the mystique. Once serving soldiers, they ran the fastest and fought the hardest. If a boy could physically prove himself to such a tough band of warriors, he was worth buying. Contine reading

Time To Go

Post 35

Numbskull scurried away. Kroll turned and scraped his boots on the stone floor. Ned felt elated. Some hope at last. The boy watched him leave and wondered how the jailors would react. Without a word, Numbskull and Side-Kick began to tidy up the broken table and chairs. The wooden panel was placed back over the hole. It closed with a loud clunk. Then Ned was led back to an empty cell and the clamp around his neck was unlocked. Before long, Numbskull returned with some food. Not the slop prisoners usually received, but some meat and potatoes. Spare clothes and Ned’s boots were dropped on the floor. A wooden bucket of water was placed down. The iron bars were locked shut. Continue reading


Post 34

There was no time like the present. Kroll marched purposefully through grey streets and into the courtyard. He was in possession of a skeleton key. A lock clunked and he swung the door open. Striding quickly along a corridor, he went through another door and down a spiral staircase. He stood in front of the last door. The key would not turn. His fist smashed against it, causing a thundering noise on the other side. Continue reading


Post 33

It was market day. A bustling crowd gathered to buy livestock and slaves. After the chickens, horses and cows had been sold, the dealers waited for the slaves. Kroll walked into the market, but stayed toward the back. He was interested to see the price paid for the boy. He may be small, but the kid was strong. Kroll had primed the auctioneer to make it clear the boy had run with Malaxia’s finest troops and held his own. He was confident of a high price. Continue reading

Feed Time

Post 32

The next day, the wooden panel was lifted again and Ned was manhandled out by Side-Kick. This time, the boy managed to stand. Ned was bruised and the skin around an eye had blackened. A series of wooden bowls were laid out on the table containing near starvation rations for the prisoners. He was not sure what the rancid food was, but the smell was pungent. A groan came from a nearby cell and Ned looked in its direction. Continue reading


Post 31

In the hole, Ned could hear the jailors and their scratchy personalities above, bickering in their dimly lit quarters. He was uncomfortable in the cramped surroundings, but drifted in and out of sleep. The rawness of his skin sores ensured he never slept for long. Continue reading


Post 30

Ned sat on the floor and trembled. The cell was in near darkness and he could not see the far wall. He crawled over and reached into the black. He flinched as a large insect scuttled near his grasp. The wall was damp and puddles formed on the floor. In a corner, he found some dirty blankets which he wrapped over his shoulders and sat on the material in an attempt to keep the cold at bay. Someone was in the cell opposite, but the lack of light meant he knew this only due to the dull moans and an occasional clank of a chain. Continue reading


Post 29

The jailor opened a thick, wooden door and yanked the chain attached to Ned’s neck. The door slammed shut. The corridor was lit by burning torches on the wall but they were far apart so parts of the passageway descended into darkness. The jailor pulled the chain and forced Ned to stumble.

“Come on you louse, time to meet hell,” he spat.

At the end of the long corridor was a large door. The jailor fumbled with a set of keys and inserted one into the lock. A loud clunking noise and the door creaked open to a circular stone staircase. He shoved Ned inside, locked the door behind and lit a hand-held torch. The jailor pushed Ned ever downwards into the bowels of the fortress. The walls dripped with water and the air was dank. At the foot of the staircase, another door was pushed open and they entered the dungeon.

At the near end was a table and chairs, with a flame torch on the wall. Another jailor was sat by the damp wall. He had pockmarked skin and crooked teeth. The man ignored Ned as he was forced inside. A narrow corridor with a stone floor disappeared into the darkness. To each side, areas had been carved out of the stone and enclosed with iron-barred doors locked shut. No windows. As Ned was shoved down the corridor, he saw inmates inside the cells. Some were chained to the wall, others lay on the floor. The unlucky ones were suspended by chains from the ceiling with their feet only just on the floor.

An empty cell was unlocked with a big clunk. The jailor hit the back of Ned’s legs with a wooden club. The boy buckled and fell on the damp floor as the jailor secured the other end of the chain to a wall bracket. Ned saw the thin-lipped man looking down at him. A blackened smile revealed rotten teeth. As the jailor walked away, the boy noticed his hind leg dragged behind.


Post 28

Within an hour, they made it to the far reaches of the forest. At the tree line, Kroll brought them to a halt at the edge of a seemingly impassable swamp. Upwards of fifty Malaxian warriors were in an encampment and at least as many merchants with horses and carts by their tents. Kroll ordered his men to make camp away from the others, and walked over to speak to some soldiers. Continue reading

Cannot Be Broken

Post 27

In the morning, breakfast was brought over to Ned. His eyes were puffy and the side of his face swollen. Dried blood marked a cut above an eye. The boy ate his food quietly and squeezed the bridge of his nose with a finger and thumb. Kroll approached and grabbed Ned’s chin. The boy flinched. Continue Reading