Something Feels Wrong


A few days later, I have another consultation with the surgeon, Mr Hogan, who explains his take on what’s going on. Continue reading

How To Catch A Superbug


I wake up around an hour later in the recovery room and my head feels like it’s exploding. With pain relief administered, I’m wheeled back to my room where my wife, Michelle is waiting. I’m kept in hospital overnight and discharged the next day with co-codamol and tramadol for pain relief. After a day in bed, it’s Michelle’s birthday. I manage to get up and have some cake, but feel really ill. The room spins. I rush for the bathroom, lean over the sink and projectile vomit. Looking down, I see pebble-dashed blood, both fresh and congealed. I call for help and Michelle does her best to clean me up. I spend the rest of the day in bed. Continue reading

Going Under


It’s become more difficult to breathe through my nose and I’m referred to a surgeon. I attend a clinic with my wife, Michelle, and young kids, Lucy and Jack. We’re called into the small consulting room to meet Mr Hogan, who is at the top of his game. A very incisive man and willing to listen. He speaks in a soft Irish accent and I can’t get the gist of everything he says. We talk about my congestion and I’m sent for a CT scan. Continue reading

Stalked By A Nightmare


I stand in the cold air with night all around. To one side, shards of light pierce the blackness. Something moves in the distance. Almost imperceptible. There it is again. A dark shape, much bigger than me. It draws nearer in the silence. I back away and it bolts in my direction. My heart leaps. A hundred metres away, then seventy-five. I turn to run. Continue reading