This series of books is based on altercations between two families over the years. I have completed a trilogy of unpublished work and more stories are planned. The target audience is young adult.

Book 1 – “Fearless” is a tale in Medieval times about the importance of never giving up. The blurb reads: “In the long distant past, war is looming. Ned is a boy who lives with his family in a remote forest, but those troubled times cannot be avoided. He is captured by troops and forced on a death march. Deep inside enemy territory, he makes a break for it. Living on his wits in the wilderness, can he escape the heavily armed warriors hunting him down?”

Book 2 – “Misfits” is set in a modern-day village and shows what can happen when victims of bullying believe in themselves. Here’s the blurb: “High-society looks down on local outcasts in an upmarket village. Amongst the snobbery and gossiping, an old feud rumbles on. Two teenagers are at loggerheads and it spills into their adult lives. Bad blood leads to a showdown between their two families. One side has a plan to intimidate its way into a position of respect and the other looks an easy target. Can the underdogs stand up to the bullies?”

Book 3 – “Unbroken” has the same village as the setting, but this is in the near future. Most of the previous characters flow into this story. Despite the dystopian circumstances, hope glimmers in the face of adversity. The blurb is: “With the country in crisis, a cruel twist of fate ensures Gronk’s rise to control Snookington Village. Dark times are ahead and revenge is top of his agenda. But has he got what it takes to finish an age-old grudge?”

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