10261217_l-MOD-AThis is a semi-autobiographical story. Names have been altered to protect privacy and certain characters are composite rather than based on a single person. Some events have been rearranged to assist the narrative.

The blog posts are being pieced together to form a book divided into several parts, each of which covers different aspects of a fight against cancer and look-backs in an attempt to find the mettle to survive. The full work will contain extra material and more chapters which will not be blogged.

My blog is about resilience and determination. It is for anyone with the odds stacked against them – or has their back against the wall in life – or is told they’re not good enough – or is being picked on – or has been beaten up – or is going through cancer – or has ever faced a difficult situation. It is also for the doubters and haters who have criticised, ridiculed and attacked me. Now those people can see what they did from someone else’s point of view.

I will add new blog posts on Fridays.

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