The original blog is an autobiographical journal about resilience and determination. It is for anyone with the odds stacked against them; or has their back against the wall; or is told they’re not good enough. Names have been altered to protect privacy and certain characters are composite rather than based on a single person. Some events have been rearranged to assist the narrative. A lot of additional material has been added to the blog content to form a book, which is unpublished as a complete work.

I am now blogging hybrid stories which pass between reality and fiction. A lot of material from the completed work will be omitted from my blog as the full books will be published later. These books are aimed at young adults. Continuing the theme of resilience and determination, the stories focus on underdogs and outsiders. I’ve heard you should write what you know and I have some experience of this.

I will add new blog posts on Fridays.

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