The headmistress was forced to call Gronk and Munter into school. They sat outside Miss Whippet’s office looking pleased with themselves. This was a prime opportunity to hammer the Nobodys down a bit lower. They were looking forward to it. Miss Whippet frowned in her office as the execution of another bright idea was being delayed. She had dreamed up ‘Cash For Nothing Day’ where parents, carers and children had the opportunity to put money into a box and receive nothing in return. Miss Whippet would then be able to treat herself to a golden toilet seat. That was the mark of an ultimate Poshey. And the two idiots outside her office were jeopardising her scheme to extort more money out of the rich folk of the Snook. She exhaled heavily and beckoned them into her lair.

A large, ostentatious chandelier sparkled over a grand oak desk topped with green leather embossed with gold. Two brass lamps with green shades cast an eerie glow over a further table, which was covered in piles of reports. The walls were cloaked with white bookcases crammed with volumes to display Miss Whippet’s many fine interests, such as the oboe, French and croquet. Luxurious carpet was soft underfoot. The place was dripping with money. And Miss Whippet was not going to risk her position, just because a couple of Outsiders were trying too hard to get a status upgrade. Miss Whippet sat on a big chair behind her large desk while Gronk and Munter sat on little, rickety chairs opposite. The papers towered ominously.

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