Family Strength

Life continued much as before and tensions rose following the Nobodys’ return to the Snook. The Woodland Spirit was placed in their hallway and seemed to watch each time one of them left the house. Back at school, Griselina kept on teasing and getting Lucy into trouble with the teachers. And Gideon stepped-up his name-calling and thuggery. In the Snook, Munter spread her lies while Gronk led from the back and directed his family to execute the plan. Their sustained efforts were designed to break the Nobodys. The happiness discovered on holiday in the forest soon evaporated as they tried to cope.

The Nobodys had to remain solid during those difficult times. Emotionally propping themselves up, they were a tight-knit family. Deep-down, they clung onto the belief the Gronk-LaTwonks would be exposed for what they were. Whilst hope was a good thing, they needed to place their trust in something else. Action was required. Unless they stood up for themselves, the Gronk-LaTwonks would win. With their backs against the wall, the Nobodys were like wounded animals. They were at their most determined when vulnerable. With a dogged resistance, they steeled themselves to come out fighting.

At this crucial point in the campaign, the Gronk-LaTwonks took their eye off the ball and overconfidence set in. They assumed the Nobodys were as good as beaten and began picking on other Outsiders. Griselina and Gideon taunted more kids at school whilst Munter told untrue stories about other mums. They were becoming unpopular in the Snook. The plan was beginning to backfire, in spite of all their efforts. Instead of just Holly making sure Lucy was alright and Archie helping Jack, their group of friends grew. Everybody knew about Griselina and Gideon, who became increasingly isolated. And the Gossips rallied into action. Munter committed a cardinal sin and spread a lie about a Gossip. Tongue-wagging went into overdrive and the women of the Snook began to openly talk about the stories Munter was spreading.

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