One morning, Steve and Jack went to their garage, which was set up as a makeshift gym. There were weights and foam mats on the floor. Standing on the matting, under a stark light bulb, they looked at the boxing gloves and a punchbag hanging from steel chains. It was time. At first, Steve showed Jack a boxing stance and then how to move forwards, backwards and sideways in a fluid motion. Punches and kicks were added and Jack began to put combinations together. They trained several times a week and Jack learned about the importance of distance and timing. Michelle and Lucy often heard Jack pounding the punchbag.

In the meantime, Posheys heard about the situation between the Gronk-LaTwonks and Nobodys, but assumed an appropriate aloofness. Both families were just Outsiders. It was no concern of theirs what happened beyond the world of dinner parties, tinging champagne flutes and jolly japes. Gossips, on the other hand, loved it. Each day, another scandal seemed to unfold. Rumours abound the Nobodys were being horrible to the Gronk-LaTwonks. Some Outsiders knew the truth and were sympathetic to the Nobodys, but kept their distance. The last thing they wanted was to attract unwanted attention from the Gronk-LaTwonks.

Out in the freezing cold, the old tramp thought about the plight of the Nobodys. He was the only person in the Snook who could objectively look at what was happening. The Nobodys need to dig deep and find their inner strength, They’re not the weaklings the Gronk-LaTwonks think they are. It is time to fight back. Times past are on their side.

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