Old Feud

As a way of enduring those dark days, Steve and Michelle made sure their children felt safe at home. But Lucy and Jack had to be courageous in school. The fact was, sometimes people just had a problem in life. It was a tough lesson for them to have to learn. Steve looked at his children and was determined to break the cycle of underlying tension he had with his own parents. He would support both his son and his daughter.

“There are positives in a situation like this,” Steve said to his kids over breakfast. “Do you both have good friends at school?”

“Yes,” Lucy replied.

“I have as well,” Jack added.

“Well, they can help when things get tough. And I’ll bet your friends are getting sick of Griselina and Gideon.”

Both Lucy and Jack nodded.

“When times are hard, we need to remember it’s only temporary,” Michelle assured. “Things will change for the better… you’ll see.”

“We have to carry on when things aren’t going our way,” Steve said.

Even with those positive words, their outlook remained gloomy. People in the Snook had been taken in by Munter’s lies. But there was nothing the Nobodys could do about it. If people chose to believe slander, that was their choice. The important thing was Steve and Michelle supported each other and their children. And they knew, in their hearts, things would get better. The family talked about what was happening again and again. Nerves were frayed in those difficult times. But deep down, Steve knew this was all about the feud.

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