Posh House

The Gronk-LaTwonks went for a walk around Good Side of the Snook and were in awe of the grand houses. One especially caught Gronk’s eye. It was on the best street as far as he was concerned and rose imposingly above the other houses. A double-fronted building, it was a distinguished white and the arched central doorway protruded perfectly. The owners had an incredibly upper crust triple-barrelled surname. The Fortescue-Stuck-Ups were only ever seen either in their sports car or attending extravagant parties. Gronk was jealous of this Poshey family. Really jealous. He wanted to be respected and admired like them. Or even better, just like the olden day Lord Snookington. One day that will be all mine, he thought.

Gronk’s mind strayed to the plan. It was high time his mighty presence sealed their dominance. As they rounded a bend to saunter down the High Street, an ideal opportunity arose. Gronk spotted his enemy walking uphill on the opposite pavement. This would be his moment of triumph.

“I shall accost that Nobody now. Watch and learn fellows,” Gronk said with an oily smile, “watch and learn.”

He slipped into a fantasy. I am the most fearless pugilist on the planet. When I enter the fray, my opponent shakes with fright as I slay him with my untouchable combat skills. Whether my weapon be the sword or the word, I am unsurpassed in talent. I thrive in deadly situations and am absoluuutely unbeatable. The crowd will marvel at my prowess in the danger of the mêlée as I outwit this unworthy opponent.

With mental preparation attended to, Gronk skipped and broke into a trot to cross the street. He smiled to himself. A combination of unshakable confidence and shrewd intellect would win the day. He walked with quickened strides along the pavement to narrow the gap with his prey. He was indestructible. Dangerous.

“This will test his mettle,” Gronk said to himself.

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