As Munter staggered in her heels from the school, she caught sight of Michelle in the distance. She hitched her trousers up and sped off. Her frame lurched from side to side as she drew alongside Michelle.

“We’ve got the measure of you people,” she barked.  Perspiration gleamed on her top lip.

Michelle stopped and looked around. “Can’t we just stop all this and move on?”

“Never! This has to reach its natural conclusion. And seeing as we have the upper-hand, I don’t think you’re in a position to…” Munter began.

“I’ll get straight to the point.” Michelle butted in. “Leave us alone! ALL of us.”

Munter cackled. “Ha, you’re fair game, the lot of you. We won’t stop until you are totally humiliated.” A mocking look spread over her face.

Michelle sighed. “It’s just unnecessary.”

“Oh, I think it’s very…” Munter said, but Michelle turned and walked away. Munter’s eyes burned with hatred. She stomped along the pavement and sighed.

Over the coming weeks, Munter spread layer upon layer of rumour in her campaign against Michelle.

“Oh, what a scheming sort,” Munter schemed.

“That Michelle is so manipulative,” she manipulated.

“She lies about everything,” Munter lied.

The fibs rolled effortlessly from her tongue as Munter huddled over Mrs Snoops and Mrs Snipes. Extreme gossiping necessitated bending the truth. Many hurtful remarks and make-believe wrongs unfolded in conversations around the Snook in the coming weeks.

“Did you hear what that Michelle Nobody has done now?” Mrs Snoops asked.

“Ohhh, it doesn’t surprise me a bit,” Mrs Snipes colluded.

As the false stories about Michelle spread, Gronk was delighted with how well the plan was going. And it was all down to his supreme leadership.

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