A few days later, Munter tottered in her click-clacking high heels along the hallway to the school office. The receptionist was busy writing something. Munter waited for a second. She repeatedly banged her hand on a bell.

The receptionist glanced upwards and was met with a scowl.

“Yes, can I help you?” She forced a smile.

“I have a complaint,” Munter snapped with a sour-face.

This was not new. Munter grumbled to the school on a regular basis. Sometimes it was because Gideon was better at history than the teachers understood. Or Griselina should be in the top geography group. Or the boys in school deliberately scuffed Gideon’s boots. Or the in-crowd of girls were to blame for Griselina’s lack of friends. “It’s her fault over there” or “That boy is to blame.” Munter was going to enjoy this.

“Yes?” sighed the receptionist.

“It’s that Jack Nobody again,” Munter complained. “He’s been bullying my Gideon and needs to be punished,” she demanded.

“Are you sure? It doesn’t sound like Jack.”

Munter relaxed with a mocking frown. “I don’t remember asking your opinion! My little Gideon is very delicate. He was just partaking in some playful banter when Jack Nobody repeatedly hit his face so hard against my Gideon’s fist that I’ve had to bandage his hand up. Gideon’s fist is really swollen. Jack Nobody needs to be severely reprimanded,” she rasped.

“We’ll look into it,” the receptionist said.

“Be sure that you do!” Munter replied, her blunt words scraping in the air.

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