Annual Talent Contest

During lessons, Griselina began sitting close to Lucy to copy her work. Whenever she did, Griselina immediately put her hand up and told the teacher Lucy had been copying. Each time the teacher checked, the two workbooks did indeed have identical answers and Lucy was scolded. This happened so often that Lucy had to explain herself to Miss Whippet. She was labelled a cheat because Griselina was an accomplished con-artist. One chilly afternoon, a poster was put on the school noticeboard.

“Applications are Invited for the Annual Talent Contest.”

This was the highlight of Griselina’s year. She could show-off in front of everyone in the school hall. Lucy was reading the poster as Griselina pushed her aside.

“Are you too shy to enter?” Griselina goaded. “What’s wrong? Scared I’ll beat you?” she laughed.

Lucy stayed quiet and glanced at a boy stood in the corridor. He looked unhappy and had the Sign around his neck stating “I am ugly.” Lucy shook her head, but her thoughts were cut short about how wrong the Sign was.

“Oh you’re so blah. Still, at least you can watch me winning again,” Griselina boasted and flounced down the corridor.

Lucy frowned at the prospect of being forced to watch Griselina’s head get even bigger if she won again this year.

“Don’t listen to her,” a quiet, reassuring voice said. It was a girl called Holly. “Griselina thinks she knows it all, but she doesn’t.”

Lucy smiled.

“Are you going to enter?” Holly asked.

“Not sure… I’ll think about it,” Lucy replied.

“Well, let’s rehearse together while you decide,” Holly offered as the two girls walked happily down the corridor.

Between the crack of a classroom door, the light from a bare bulb glinted on the frame of Miss Whippet’s glasses. She peered at the new friends and frowned.

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