Later that morning in school, Gideon hung around the corridor between lessons. His eyes darted at the pupils hurrying along. He leant over to his entourage, “What a bunch of losers,” he sneered. Then he saw him. Jack Nobody was talking to someone and it looked like he was smiling. Gideon narrowed his eyes and walked toward him. Smashing his shoulder into the smaller boy, Gideon leant in and hissed “Dickhead!!” As the bigger boy strolled away, Jack’s eyes widened as he rubbed his shoulder.

Later the same day, Gideon spotted Jack in the corridor. Without warning, he grabbed Jack’s throat. Slamming him against a wall, he stared at his newfound enemy. “Why are you such a reject?”

Jack was too shocked to speak. He decided not to look Gideon in the eye.

“That’s right. You don’t know because you’re thick as fock.” Gideon sneered and let Jack go.

Jack hurried away to his next class. From then on, Gideon picked on Jack every day. Whenever the teachers were out of earshot, he would throw insults at Jack. Other times, Gideon would resort to violence. A punch or several kicks. He was good at that sort of thing. Fear soon built up inside Jack. He could not avoid school and going there now meant inevitable bullying. The insults cut into his confidence, but the beatings were worse. And there was nothing he could do about it. Gideon was so much bigger.

Gideon usually had Kyffers and Droggers, his two snooty friends, in tow. They were a double-dealing duo, only out for themselves. Kyffers was a small boy whose walk was midway between a glide and a dance. He had a spotty face and short brown hair in a side-parting. Droggers was a lot taller and his bowlegs make it seem like he had been riding a horse for too long. He was also covered in zits but had wavy blonde hair and smelt oddly of mothballs. Gideon also shoved Jack about. A push here, a shoulder charge there. It was making Jack feel sick because he had seen Gideon beat up some of the other boys. A few had tried to resist, but Gideon always over-powered them. And Jack had never been in a proper fight before.

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