Acceptable Fraud

Miss Whippet especially liked allocating children to the appropriate house upon their entry to Snookington School and also appointing prefects to the senior year. Her decisions would affect the children for years. They stayed in their respective houses unless, in extreme circumstances, the difficult decision had to be made to demote one or more children to Goodson. Even that would be a good day for Miss Whippet as she enjoyed inflicting psychological harm.

There was another activity upon which Miss Whippet actively focussed. She was a strict enforcer of ‘voluntary’ parental and carer contributions to the Snookington School coffers. These donations had grown into an enormous stockpile, which Miss Whippet used to decorate her office, buy a large oak desk, fill the bespoke bookshelves with non-academic books and install a huge chandelier. She viewed fraud as a perk and the minimum personal recompense required for the sterling education she facilitated.

But Miss Whippet did not stop there. She bought a brand new car and treated herself to exotic holidays. She pilfered funds to decorate her home and buy luxury goods. Her house was filled with sumptuous items which would have been well beyond her modest salary. But she was a law unto herself. As the money kept flowing in, she paid her mortgage off and had a safe fitted in her home, which was stuffed full with bank notes, gold and diamonds. Before long, she would have enough to invest in more property. She dreamed of becoming a slum landlady, so she could extract money from Outsiders and impose extortionate rents on her tenants. Life was really working out well.

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