Poshey children were top drawer and the upper echelon of society. It was as simple as that. Way below them were Gossip children, who were not all bad as far as Miss Whippet was concerned, but not nearly as impressive as Posheys. However Outsider children were just common street urchins. Miss Whippet enjoyed making sure those scoundrels knew their place in the world; at the bottom of the pile. They had only one useful purpose, which was to get stood on and make everybody who mattered feel good about themselves. Outsider children were used as cannon fodder, to be ridiculed and humiliated as preparation for inevitable manual jobs in and around the Snook.

The only thing lower than Outsider children were pupils who attended Dundiston School. Situated in Dundiston Town, just beyond the parish boundary of the Snook, this school was filled to the brim with children similar to Outsiders. The only difference was Outsiders lived in the Wrong Side of the Snook whilst the pupils who attended Dundiston School lived beyond the Wrong Side of the Snook. A single road led from the Wrong Side to Dundiston Town. Miss Whippet would have dearly loved to block the road off or, even better, force all Outsider children to attend Dundiston School with the rest of the dregs of society. But this was beyond even her considerable powers.

In order to reinforce the accepted order, Snookington School was arranged into two houses. Bosworth consisted of all the Poshey children and some Gossip kids who showed potential. They wore red badges. The other house, Goodson, was made up of all the Outsider children, irrespective of whether they were bright or they somehow did not live in poverty and the remainder of Gossip kids who were plainly sub-standard. They all wore blue badges. The superiority of Bosworth was tinged with a requisite hatred toward Goodson.

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