An Education of Sorts

Some of the younger children were under the misapprehension the square was a playground and tried to have fun. But the headteacher, Miss Whippet, regarded it as a parade square. Discipline was strict so it was where uniform inspections were carried out every morning. Miss Whippet had a piercing voice which made the kids flinch as if fingernails were scratched down a blackboard. She was a person of uncertain age; too young to be old, yet too old to be young. A thin lady, she always wore black stiletto heels, a long black pencil skirt and a black cashmere jumper. She had dark hair and a nose thrust almost vertically upwards, upon which perched gold-rimmed glasses. She looked down on everyone with a finely tuned air of superiority. She was a true Poshey through and through. As Miss Whippet saw it, she was employed to ensure only Poshey children excelled. It was the natural order of things and had to be enforced with her iron will.

The teachers at Snookington School were the finest in Miss Whippet’s magnificent opinion. This was where the elite were taught how to thrive and stay one step ahead of the lowly sorts. Poshey children were considered to be the cream of the crop. But being the best was more about a state of mind than good academic grades. Nevertheless, some Poshey and fewer Gossip parents were informed that, in the esteemed view of Miss Whippet, their children were indeed gifted in an academic sense. It was easy to spot these people, as they had an extra bounce in their step and considered themselves top of the high and mighty. If they were not already Posheys, it was the first step toward an exciting promotion.

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