Snookington School was a collection of impressive red-brick buildings with large white sash windows surrounding a tarmac square. Back in the day, Lord Snookington founded Snookington School and joined it with lasting bonds to the prestigious University of Snookford. An air of mystique cloaked this higher education establishment in which academic rigour was an outdated concept and disadvantaged applicants were rare.

Only Poshey students went up to the University of Snookford. It was all about getting to know the right people to stand them in good stead for illustrious futures. The well-connected University of Snookford graduates, or Old Snookfordians as they were known, had a passport to the ‘bulge-wallet’ banks in SmogCity. It was said that financial centre was paved with gold, but the pavements were grey. In fact, the buildings were grey, as was the sky and the river, as well as most of the people. And the metropolis was filled with grey noise. But it was THE place to make lots of money.

As a precursor to a life of extreme privilege, Snookington School’s ethos was one of exclusion. Social intolerance was applauded and snobbery entrenched in the curriculum as a preparation for the realities of life in the Snook. The children were separated into social groups to allow Posheys an added advantage. This system facilitated teaching techniques to ram home the lack of equality and opportunity for the underprivileged. The school prided itself on elitism, so Posheys could sneer at the chaff as an excellent preparation for adult life. It was a practice ground for the superiority of Posheys, the spreading of lies by Gossips and Outsiders being kept firmly in their place.

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