The Nobodys

As a family, the Nobodys were sneered at in the Snook. Steve may have a good job, but he was still only an Outsider. He earned glares from Posheys and Gossips alike for his shamelessness. His wife, Michelle, was quiet and her kindness was mistaken for weakness in that unforgiving social environment. And their children were thought of as educationally deficient. But sometimes looks can be deceiving. The Nobodys were a determined bunch. Once they set their minds on something, they would keep going until it had at least been achieved.

Lucy had shoulder-length, curly brown hair and was fourteen. She played the trumpet and often went horse riding. Twelve-year-old Jack was a slightly-built boy who had short, sandy hair and a cheeky grin. He was into gaming, especially anything involving shooting guns. They got on with their schoolwork and hobbies, but did clash at times with each other.

The Nobodys were neither rich nor poor, but they lived in a nice house on the Good Side of the Snook. Their impudence for settling there had not gone unnoticed in the Snook. They tried to keep themselves to themselves and lived by the simple principle of ‘Treat as you get treated.’ But, with a menacing storm brewing on the horizon, this ordinary existence would be turned upside down. Those happy times were about to be thrown into turmoil.

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