The Gronk-LaTwonks

In his spare time, Gronk loved to fantasise. He dreamed of being a master swordsman whose swashbuckling style overcame all adversaries. Or a combat soldier with weapons strapped to his uniform who, by sheer guts, could win a war against any odds. Or even a real-life superhero with cape, mask and underpants outside his trousers. His phenomenal strength and X-ray vision would save the Snook on a daily basis. Despite being a Junior Pencil Pusher, tomorrow he could be a spy with a really cool car.

But, most of all, Gronk hoped to become a Poshey. And he just knew his ruthless streak would help achieve that ambition. He craved status and the lofty heights of super-smugness. Then he would be looked up to. Although pompous for an Outsider, he had not been accepted as a toff. But he was determined to get there at any cost. With a manufactured accent, Gronk did a good impression, but real Posheys ridiculed him.

Munter’s thickset frame was in the bathroom. With wide shoulders, she turned her solid neck toward the mirror. She grinned at her bushy eyebrows and square jaw. Looking closer, she saw beads of sweat on the smeared make-up above her top lip. Munter thought about her favourite pastime, which was talking behind people’s backs. She so wanted to be accepted as a Gossip. Lowering her head, she would spread rumours to anyone who would listen. But Munter’s black heart somehow did not cut muster to convince the Gossips she could huddle and tell tales to the exacting standard required. She was desperate to be accepted by the Gossips, who talked with her but loved even more to jabber behind her back.

Griselina was fourteen and had the makings of a skilled manipulator. She always seemed to turn situations to her advantage. A tall girl, she had a small turned-up nose and spoke with a light lisp. And she had a deep-rooted desire to win. Be it sports or singing, she would beat the opposition down using any means necessary. Griselina saw cheating simply as a way of being the better than everyone else.

Gideon was twelve and cut from his mother’s cloth. A sweaty boy, he had close-cropped brown hair and a permanently runny nose. He was bigger than other boys his age and Gideon used it to his advantage. He enjoyed pushing other boys about at school. Gideon fostered the image of a bully and would not think twice about using his fists to get his own way. He liked to wear steel-capped boots and close-fitting trousers pulled up tight.

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