A train in the distance rumbled into view. Steve turned to look. Gronk was on the verge of another triumph. A good old slap on the back of the head would show who’s boss. This was his moment. In a blur, Gronk’s open palm swung in an arc while Steve grabbed Gronk’s wrist and held it firm. Gronk panicked. He tried to get free, but his enemy was too strong. His arm was forced down and then Gronk was pushed away.

Steve squared up to him as the train slowed at the platform. Gronk rubbed his wrist and backed away. Steve’s glare at the taller man ended the heated encounter and the two men boarded separate carriages. As Steve sat down, he noticed his heart thumping. But Gronk just could not understand it. That no-good Nobody looked so soft, but he did not appear afraid at all. Not even a flinch. As the train pulled away, his legs felt weak. Gronk looked down and saw his hands were trembling. Flopping on a seat, beads of sweat appeared on his forehead. His mouth was suddenly parched. Gronk’s eyes bulged and a subdued mood set in. He was not used to being on the back foot.

Gronk mulled over why he had always despised Steve Nobody. It was in his blood. And the hatred made him feel good. It was the closest thing to happiness he had ever experienced. Gronk thoroughly enjoyed his educational years when he got Nobody beaten up and gave him a hard time. But that Nobody seemed to have rallied. It was probably because he fluked a few exam results and it made Gronk sick. But all that was years ago. Now they had grown-up and had families of their own. With Steve Nobody back on the scene, Gronk felt the urge to pick on him again.

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