One fateful midsummer morning, Gronk stood at Snookington railway station. He looked along the tracks toward SmogCity and saw a famous spire in the distance. The platform was almost empty. He glanced around and saw a solitary figure in the distance. Squinting for a moment, he spotted Steve Nobody. He had not seen his enemy in a long time. Pent up hatred rushed to the surface. He enjoyed baiting that Nobody.

“This is going to be a good day for me… and a bad one for him,” Gronk said aloud.

He liked speaking to himself. As far as he was concerned, it was the only time he could have an intelligent conversation. Striding past the ticket office, Gronk’s confidence was supreme. He rehearsed strategy in his mind and decided some witty banter would be followed up by a hard slap to that idiotic Nobody’s head. And natural dominance would be re-asserted. He stalked his prey with a quickened pace. His heart thumped. Adversaries in the arena. There could be only one outcome.

Steve stood at the far end of the platform and looked for the next train. Trees lined the railway tracks, swaying in the gentle breeze. Birds sprinkled the air with tranquil song. A glint of light flickered through nearby trees and dappled the ground. There was no sign of a train as Gronk stomped toward him.

“Well, well, what have we here?” Gronk asked, a little too loud.

Steve looked around, paused and sighed. Old enemies meet again.

“If it isn’t no-one the nothing with nowhere to go.” Gronk smirked. “You know what my school chums always used to say. Nobody by name, nobody by nature!”

“I think you’re confused. It was only you who said that,” Steve growled.

“Hark at you… it… it seems you’ve found your tongue at last. And the Nobody of old was so dopey,” Gronk said, turning his nose up a bit further.

Steve frowned. “If you mean I was shy, I’m different now. So back off. If there was ever a time and place for this, it’s not here and now.”

“I shall say whatever I want, whenever I so choose and don’t you forget it!! My goodness, what a tedious little oaf,” Gronk squealed, looking down with distaste.

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