Gronk Versus Nobody

Guido Gronk had, at long last, convinced most people to call him Gronk. He was proud of the family name which, he kept telling everyone, went hand-in-hand with military glory dating back to medieval times. A tall, slight man with shoulders thrust back and head held high, he swaggered about in dark clothes accentuated with a pink shirt. His self-image was of a “rather dandy chap,” as he would often say. A mop of black hair with a long fringe flopped over his eye line. He spoke with a high-pitched voice and worked hard at being a loud, pushy show-off. His nose was pointed and stuck into the air. Brashness and image meant everything to Gronk and he intended to stand out.

Steve Nobody was an unassuming, ordinary man. If it was not for his education and career, he would have been regarded as forgettable in the Snook. He was about average height, stocky build with short, mousey-coloured hair. Despite having been in the military, Steve was seen as a soft touch on account of his Outsider status. But he knew only too well he had a stubborn streak and could sometimes be blunt. Often he was calm under pressure but, if a red mist descended, he was volatile.

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