Terms went by and Steve made many friends at University. Good times were spent on nights out until one day his life would change. He met a girl and they talked briefly. The next week, he saw her again and found out she was called Michelle. They talked all evening and began to spend more time together. Before long, they were going out and life was happy for them both.

As his studies moved forward, Steve thought about what he was going to do after graduation. He decided to become a lawyer and filled out an application form for a scholarship to do the professional exams. After an interview with some stuffy old judges, they awarded him a scholarship so he applied for and landed a place at Bar School in SmogCity. Then his final exams loomed. Steve studied from morning until night, day after day. The exams went well and his time drew to a close in Snookford. After a brief break, it was time to collect his degree result.

Steve and Michelle walked hand-in-hand to the main building of Snookford Lesser University one sunny morning under a cloudless blue sky. His heartbeat quickened. This was a big day. He looked over at Michelle, who seemed to be taking it all in her stride. Through the main doors, they walked up the stairs to a corridor which had reams of paper pinned to the wall with all the students’ results. Steve walked over to the law board and looked for his name. He saw his result and closed his eyes. Taking a deep breath, he let the grade sink in for a moment. Finding Michelle, she was ecstatic with her degree result and asked what he got. When Steve said “First Class Honours,” Michelle gave him a big hug.

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