Whilst soldiering, Steve found a desire to study was gathering momentum. He applied for a University place and was accepted. He considered a career in the army against the opportunity to gain a degree and do something else. Before long, he told his commanding officer of his decision to go to University. And so, the time came for him to leave the regiment. He had grown in confidence during his time as a soldier. But, more than anything, he had learned from the best how to be resilient.

Steve did not even have the time to visit friends in Snookington Village before boarding a bus to Snookford. After a few hours, the vehicle pulled into central Snookford and its passengers spilled into the station. Steve walked down the steps of the bus and jumped onto the tarmac. All his worldly possessions were in his assault pack. He walked through the streets, looking at the warm yellow stone of the buildings. The City centre was dominated by the traditional buildings of the University of Snookford, but this was not where Steve was going to study. He walked over a bridge, toward the East of the City and up a tree-lined hill. At the top stood Snookford Lesser University. It was lowly regarded compared to the University of Snookford, but Steve didn’t care. This was where he would study law.

He rented a room close to the University and soon got to know some students, both on his course and the halls where he lived. He went to a local bookshop and bought the set texts for his initial modules. The books were expensive, but he was there to learn the law so it was a necessity. Steve attended lectures and seminars, and wrote extra notes from his reading. He worked hard in the library in central Snookford, overlooking the sports fields and it was soon time to take some exams. Before the first exam, he felt panic rising from within so he walked past a large building and continued down a gravel path alongside a meadow containing a herd of cows. The scrunch of his shoes on the stones and a fresh breeze seemed to have a therapeutic effect so, by the time he strolled by the river, he was ready for the test to come. It became a ritual before each exam to calm his nerves.

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