Starting Out

And so, together, they became the Gronk-LaTwonks. In their minds, it was a wonderfully well-to-do last name for when they had children! They looked at one another with glowing satisfaction. This would be the beginning of something fantastic. Gronk was still desperate to become a Poshey, while Munter was doing her best to be accepted as a Gossip. They were going to rise the ranks of the Snook. Influence and respect would be theirs at last. They would be THE people to look up to. 

This uneasy partnership limped along until Gronk completed his training and became a fully fledged Junior Pencil Pusher. And with it came a wage rise. They went house hunting and decided to buy a dilapidated property on a run-down estate. But at least it was within the boundary of the Snook. And, being a detached house, it was more expensive. Gronk was prepared to pay a little more, knowing he would have his own house while all the others who went to University had a large debt. That thought made him quite smug about his career choice.

They moved in and had big plans to extend the house. Gronk thought he deserved to live in a castle, so he sketched a plan of a turret for the front-left corner of his house. He was sure the local authority would love the design, so he submitted the application to the planning office and was ecstatic when it was approved. Now all he needed was to save up some money, extend his debt and then he would be able to build the castle extension. Life was going so well. Although still regarded as mere Outsiders, they were on track for a status uplift as they knew quite a few Posheys and Gossips.

They spent almost a decade childless, but it left more time to galavant around the Snook social scene. And then it happened. They had a daughter, who was named Griselina and then a boy called Gideon. They were so proud and determined to give their children the right upbringing. Their future was all planned out. Griselina was going to have unsurpassable creative talents and Gideon would be a tough guy. Gronk always wished he was a fighter and a soldier, just like his ancestor. And now he was going to make sure his son would not be messed with. Gronk and Munter also wanted to ensure their children were trained in the ways of the Gossip and the Poshey. They saw a bright future for the Gronk-LaTwonks.

Author: C.Stanford

Writer, blogger, outsider, survivor.

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