Steve looked around the foyer for the rest of his mates and saw Gronk crumpling a piece of paper. His cheeks were reddened. Gronk looked down on Steve, but he was not so sure of himself now. Maybe, just maybe, he was not as good as he thought. Gronk saw Steve Nobody looking over. He eyed his enemy with scorn. Students hung around for a while swapping exam results. Groups posed for photos and the inevitable selfies clicked away. It all soon spilled outside as they went off to celebrate and commiserate.

“I don’t believe that ruffian’s guff,” Gronk groaned.

“It’s true,” Groate sighed. “I know someone who saw his results sheet. He got A, B, C.”

“How’s that even possible? I… I mean he’s of such low esteem! The layabout is just a jumped-up little oaf with a chip on his shoulder… the little upstart.”

“Damn right… he’s such a dullard,” Groate agreed.

Gronk snarled, “I don’t care for the likes of him.”

The disgruntled pair hated Steve Nobody. They waspishly bemoaned their poor exam results while Steve Nobody somehow got University entrance grades. A deep bitterness set in with a tinge of jealousy. Gronk and Groate discussed the Posheys and their unconditional offers from the University of Snookford. If they had offers like that, things would be different. If only.

And so, at the age of eighteen, Steve Nobody and Guido Gronk took different directions. Hostility simmered into the next phase of their lives.

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